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The Reset

In order to move into our purpose we must engage in “The Reset”. “The Reset” is all about Wellness and Becoming the Best YOU. Wellness is an active process of making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Your choices, habits, emotions, beliefs, purpose, passion, and experiences all play a role in your overall Wellness. Wellness is a choice, Wellness is proactive and Wellness is a continuous process.

Old habits do not bring new results.

As we continue to move forward in 2022. We cannot dwell on what went wrong in 2021.

So let’s process, reflect and reset on a few things: Look at your life, consider each element one by one. Does each item bring you joy or serve a purpose? If not, consider how you can reset or omit these things.

  • Take the time to Discover what you currently do to care for & nurture your Mind & Body.

  • Take the time to Rediscover Yourself.

  • Take Ownership & Accountability for You and what you need to do better. Because Let’s be real you can’t get rid of everything in your Life, but you can reset your mindset and intentions. How can you do it differently? How can you shift or adjust?

As you Reset. Ask yourself the following:

What ways have I learned to Love Me?

What is meaningful and important to Me? What will be My self care plan?

What is My plan to take Care of Myself?


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